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Reset Button
The RESET button of the Atari computer

If during the execution of the boot program the control address COLDST is set to 0, then pressing the Atari Reset button will launch a warm restart procedure (WARMSTART). This procedure makes a partial initialization on some memory addresses, and then at end, the WARMSTART procedure runs a JMP (DOSVEC), that gives back the running to the program in memory which execution was in progress. For this the DOSVEC vector has to be correctly set before.

If the COLDST control address is set to 1, then pressing the Atari Reset button will start a cold restart procedure (COLDSTART). This procedure makes an overall initialization of the Atari memory and control addresses and vectors, like the switching off and on of the Atari computer Power switch. The Atari boot disk program is then relaoded and run (if still present).

It's is important to note that during a WARMSTART procedure, the value of the control address BOOT enables or disables the running of the initialization procedures given by the DOSINI or CASINI vectors. The initialization procedure is started through a JSR instruction, just before JMP (DOSVEC) instruction.

Value of the BOOT control byte:

  • 00: no initialization procedure started
  • 01: running the JSR (DOSINI) instruction for floppy disk;
  • 02: running the JSR (CASINI) instruction for tape.

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