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Interface circuit and cable
The serial interface cable and circuit: PC<>Atari Disk Drive:

1. Introduction

The suggested schematic diagram here-under is the diagram view from the components side, such as it could be realized on a pre-printed electronic board (with right parallel tracks).

For more details and for the principle diagram, please consult the SIO2PC site here. In fact my interface is the ''1050_2_PC'' cable interface, that allows the connection of the PC to an Atari disk drive, through the serial communication port.

As seen in the Communication page, this interface cable cannot be simply passive (i.e. stand-alone), an active interface module must be built around the MAX232 processor. This component is necessary to convert the RS232 signals of the PC (standard level of tension +/- 10 Volts) into the TTL adapted RS232 signals on Atari side (TTL 0/+5 Volts). And furthermore an external power supply must be connected to provide the +5VDC voltage, as this voltage can not be taken from the PC RS232 connector (not available on this connector).

2. Principle schematic diagram:

Document scanné: Schema de principe de l'interface de communication PC <> lecteur ATARI


Download my schematic diagram here:

2. Component layout diagram:


Document scanné: Schema d'implantation de l'interface de communication PC <> lecteur ATARI

Download my schematic diagram here:


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