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Atari Rom File Designer - Menu Description (1/2)

Main Interface Window and Main Menus:

Atari Rom File Designer Main Interface Window and Menus Screenshot

The main window has a title bar which shows the Atari Rom file open file name after the application software name.

The menu has 8 items:

The icons of the toolbar are shortcuts to the application main menu commands.

A status bar on the bottom of the window shows the currently open file name and its size in bytes.

1 - Files :

ARFD Files Menu Screenshot

New Atari Rom File (Null Formated) = Open a new Atari Rom File (all the bytes are set to zero 0). The size of the open file can be set (number of sector and sector byte size).

Open an Atari Rom File = Open an Atari Rom file and put in memory. The reading file format can be set to XFD, ATR or to either PC binary file. (Nota: XFD is a standard binary file format, its length in bytes must be a multiple of 128). An Atari Rom File with a XFD or ATR format put in memory generally corresponds to an Atari disk (image of a 5''1/4 Atari floppy disk).

Save the Atari Rom File = Save the Atari Rom file on the PC hard drive. The saving file format will be the one of the Rom file in memory (i.e. XFD, ATR or noone). The Rom file extendion can be changed by the user, without any convertion. (Nota : for conversion XFD <-> ATR, use the Atari Rom File Menu).

Exit Atari Rom File Designer = Close all application windows and exit the software.

Print the Display Window = For printing the main display windows: not available yet.

Print Setup = For the setting of the printing : not available yet.


2 - View and Display :

ARFD View and Display Menu Screenshot

Enter Sector Number = For entering a desired number of sector. A dialog box is then open and prompt the user for a number of sector to display in the main edit window (display window).

Sector ... Next = Display the next sector into the display window.

Sector ... Previous = Display the previous sector into the display window.

Atari DOS Directory = Display the Atari DOS directory into the display window (e.g. the list of the Atari binary files on the Atari DOS disk). Nota : if the Atari Rom file is not the image of an Atari DOS disk (it could be then a boot disk), the displayed directory will be wrong.

Boot sector information = Display the information of the boot sector. Nota : These informations are valid only if the Atari Rom file is an Atari boot disk.

Trace Atari File = Tracing an Atari DOS binary file (using of the sector chaining information). It is very useful to check the Atari binary files on an Atari DOS disk, and to create the executable Atari Rom files (called COM or EXE in the Atari 800 Emulator).


3 - Edit and Search :

ARFD Edit and Search Menu Screenshot

Edit and Modify Sector window = Open the sector edition and modification window.
Click here for this window feature description.

Fill Sector with Hex Data = Fill the Atari disk sectors with a Hexa byte string. Maximum number of bytes: 16.

Fill Sector with ASCII Data = Fill the Atari disk sectors with an ASCII char string. Maximum number of chars: 16.

Apply XOR mask to sectors = Apply a Hexa byte string XOR mask to the Atari disk sectors. Maximum number of bytes: 16.

Retreive Font or Graphic = Search, display and retreive Atari char font or Atari graphics within the Atari disk. The Atari char fonts are data blocks which size is 128 char * 8 bytes per char, equal to 1024 bytes (1 Kb).
Click here for this window feature description.

Export Data to File = Export the data in memory to a PC binary file (writing of a PC binary file from the data of the Atari Rom file in memory).

Import/Compare Data from a File = Import the data of a PC binary file into the memory (reading of a PC binary file and paste into the Atari Rom file in memory with data replacement).
If the 'Compare' option is checked, then the data of the PC binary file are compared with the Atari Rom file in memory. There is no modification of the memory.


4 - Disassembly :

ARFD Disassembly Menu Screenshot

Disassembly Sectors = Disassembly of the Atari Rom file sectors in the 6502 opcode set assembly language. This opens a dialog box for the setting of the disassembly parameters, and then opens the disassembly display window with the disassembly result.

Click here for this desassembly window feature description.

Atari Address Mnemonics = Display the Atari address mnemonic label used by Atari Rom File Designer..

6502 Opcodes Mnemonics = Display the 6502 opcode mnemonic set used by Atari Rom File Designer.

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